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​​I​slamorada Elevator is a Florida Keys' company that started in 1980 as a contractor. Building custom stilt homes we saw a need for home elevators and dumbwaiters. In 1983 we installed our first residential elevator in the Monroe County. Eight years later Islamorada Elevator added commercial installations and commercial elevator maintenance to our growing residential elevator business. Our primary service area is the Florida Keys.

With our knowledge of construction, local codes and FEMA requirements; we are able to provide lift solutions that are safe, reliable, and designed to last. Islamorada Elevator works with only the best elevator, stairlift, and vertical platform lift manufacturers. Our Maintenance Programs are partnerships with the elevator owners and are designed to focus first on the safety of the riding public, second preventing shut downs and third on extending the life of the elevator. Maintenance programs are designed to minimize the effects of a harsh coastal enviorment using products like biodegradable lubricants. Our Elevator Maintenance Agreements include Performance Clauses to insure that the elevator owner recieves the services they are promised. We also work closely with the elevator owners to plan and budget for future upgrades and elevator modernizations before they become emergencies.

Please know when you call for service your call will be answered by our staff not an answering service. Islamorada Elevator works very hard to provide a quick response to your elevator service request. ​​